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    Archery at the comfort of your own home

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At Resiliency Academy, we are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive archery experience that caters to archers of all skill levels. Whether you're a novice or an experienced archer, our academy is your one-stop destination for archery enthusiasts. Below, you'll find an overview of our services:

1. Archery Lane Rentals (RM 30/HOUR)

  • Our state-of-the-art archery lanes are equipped with all the necessary features to enhance your shooting experience. Whether you want to practice your skills or just enjoy some leisurely shooting, our lane rentals provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.


2. Equipment Rental (RM 20/HOUR)

  • Don't have your own gear? No problem! We offer top-quality archery equipment for rent, so you can explore the world of archery without the commitment of purchasing your own. Our equipment is well-maintained, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable archery experience.


3. Basic Coaching (RM 60/HOUR)

  • New to archery? Our experienced coaches are here to guide you through the basics, teaching you the fundamentals of proper shooting techniques and safety measures. With personalized attention, you'll develop a strong foundation to build upon.


4. Group Coaching

  • Perfect for families, friends, or groups of enthusiasts. Our group coaching sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn together and share in the joys of archery. Pricing available upon request.


5. Advanced Coaching (RM 100/hour)

  • For those seeking to take their archery skills to the next level, our advanced coaching services are designed to refine your technique, increase accuracy, and tackle more complex shooting scenarios. Our experienced coaches will help you reach your goals.


6. Traditional Archery

  • Immerse yourself in the time-honored art of traditional archery, embracing the simplicity and elegance of longbows and recurve bows. Whether you're a purist or simply appreciate the history, traditional archery is a captivating experience.


7. Modern Recurve

  • Explore the world of modern recurve archery, the Olympic discipline favored by many competitive archers. Our facilities and coaches will help you master this dynamic and precise form of archery.


8. 3D Archery

  • Take your archery skills to the next dimension with 3D archery. Engage in lifelike, three-dimensional target shooting, simulating real-life hunting scenarios and adding an exciting twist to your archery practice.


9. Long Distance up to 145 Meters

  • Push your archery skills to the limit by testing your accuracy and endurance at long distances of up to 145 meters. Our facilities are equipped to challenge even the most seasoned archers.


Join us at the Resiliency Academy for Archery and experience a world of archery like never before. Our services cater to both beginners and experts, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all archery enthusiasts. Start your archery journey with us and discover the resilience within you. Book your session today!

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